A New Adventure…

…that hopefully leads to the continuation of another, most beloved one.

In case you haven’t been online or have been hiding under a rock, there’s this amazing, wonderful show on HBO Max called “Our Flag Means Death”. Despite the somber title, it’s actually a romantic pirate comedy. And there is so much to love about it: unbelievable cast, great writing, and fantastic representation.

Despite have amazing demand and basically becoming a cultural phenomenon, HBO Max has still not announced a second season, and us fans are getting nervous. (Is this a “first world problem”? Maybe. But representation is important! Plus, it’s just a fun, pleasant, lovely show – which is just what we need in these turbulent times.)

As such, we’ve decided to launch a “message in a bottle” campaign to HBO so they hear us loud and clear.

So, sign your name (as of this post, it’s totally free!), and then go the show some love on Twitter. After all, they show their fans lots of love in return (see below).



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