What is this all about?

We, as fans, want HBO Max to renew the show “Our Flag Means Death”. As part of our campaign, we intend to send as many messages in bottles as we can to the execs there so they understand how passionate the fan base is.

Does this cost money?

At this time, we are collecting signatures and messages for free. If this gets too overwhelming or too expensive, or if the show gets renewed, we may explore other options at that time.

Will you send my message as is?

We reserve the right to edit and/or delete any submissions as we deem fit and at our discretion. (This is a friendly form of petition – keep your messages appropriate.)

Can anyone sign?

Please be over 18. Or be over 13 and have parental/guardian permission.

I like what you’re doing! Can I help?

Sure! We could always use the time and talents of this amazing fan base! You can also help chip in for shipping, if you like. (At this time, we literally have no idea how much this is going to cost. lol) Please contact us for more info.

I’m with the media, and I would like to interview someone about this.

Great! Please use our contact form to get in touch.

Who are you?

Just a couple of film school graduates / nerds. Angel runs The Geekiary (this campaign was their brainchild), and KM sometimes writes.