If you would rather send your own bottle with your individual message, there are a few of options for you!

Make Your Own

Plastic bottles can be mailed without a box. Just affix the appropriate postage to the bottle and then away it goes! If you’re mailing a glass bottle, it’s a good idea to place it in a box so it doesn’t get shattered.

If you’d like some guides for how to do this, there are few to choose from.

Message In A Bottle – Mail Made Easy

How To Mail A Message In A Bottle – Jo My Gosh

Buy One

Not very crafty or don’t have the time? You can buy one pre-made in a few places.

Etsy Stores (Lots of great options to choose from! NEW! We have our own Etsy store where you can purchase ones to send directly to HBO or for your own personal use. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BottlesAhoy)

Message In A Bottle Website

Bottle Me A Message



Somehow we neglected to share this part?? (Yikes!) Huge thanks to Alexis for pointing that out!

Here’s the address:

30 Hudson Yards
New York City, NY 10001