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Add your name to be included in a bottle sent to HBO Max (for FREE!) to let them know that you would like them to renew Our Flag Means Death. If you are a subscriber, we encourage you to answer that question.

We ended our first campaign with over 300 messages to HBO!

To simplify things a bit, we are now collecting signatures. We’ve mailed out the first 215 messages. (Anyone who added a message to the previous campaign will still be included!) If we decide to do a third campaign with more messages, we will update this page. (Don’t forget, you can also send your own bottle! And if you really need help with that, contact us for options.)

For this one, you don’t need to include your email. If you sent messages previously, you are welcome to add your name again. However, please only sign your name once on this particular petition. (No extra fake names, please.) You may remain anonymous on this site by checking the appropriate box. The HBO subscriber question is not required; however, if you choose to answer it, please do so honestly.

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HBO Programming Division
Re: Our Flag Means Death renewal

To Whom It May Concern,

Enclosed is a list of your fans who are signing this petition asking you to renew the amazing show Our Flag Means Death.

We have already sent in hundreds of messages in bottles from your devoted fans, and here are even more asking you to do the right thing and renew it now.

Surely, you are aware that this show has become a cultural phenomenon, having spent 7 weeks as the #1 Most In-demand Breakout Series and having associated hashtags trending daily or near daily on Twitter. And if you’ve read any of the messages that we’ve already sent (or have simply browsed Twitter at all), you will know how much this show means to so many people. Not to mention the Emmy rumors!

We acknowledge that this is a business decision. Please know that many, if not most, of the following signees are active subscribers of HBO Max, and many subscribed for the first time because of Our Flag Means Death.

Please, we implore you to listen to your many fans. Don’t keep us (or the fantastic cast and crew) waiting any longer for an official announcement. Renew it today!


The Crew

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16 signatures = 16% of goal

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